AC Milan legend Zvonimir Boban has questioned the quality of new Juventus signing Fernando Llorente.

And he believes Carlos Tevez isn't a world class player.

"Honestly I have not been able to decipher Llorente very well. He's a good player, but I do not think he is a champion.

"Certainly, though, as a central striker he can guarantee both presence and a certain number of goals. Also there is Tevez. Juventus have strengthened greatly in this area.

"They are not world class players, but they are very important players and will change Juve for the better.

"Will it increase the gap to the others? Juve have certainly worked better than the others, whilst they already have a team, a style of play, a Coach who knows how to drive his team well and a club that has established itself well in recent years.

"This is not a definitive quantum leap with respect to the big sides in Europe, but I think Juve will move even further away from the other Italian teams."