AC Milan keeper Kalac: Best shape of my career

"Physically, I've never been in better condition in my career and I am at my best right now," he grinned.

"Here at Milan there are three good keepers as there is also Valerio Fiori in addition to myself and Dida. In my opinion Fiori would be first choice at any other squad."

On Dida, Australian Kalac continued: "Perhaps Dida is mentally tired.

"Concentration is the most important thing as you can't have a good game without it. That's the only reason I can come up with because we are working well physically in training.

"I believe that a goalkeeper needs to be relaxed and calm and it's different at a big side like Milan to the smaller teams. The pressure is four times greater when you play for Milan because this is a club built to win and so any error represents points lost.

"You have to be a bit mad to be a goalkeeper because you get a lot of stick that other players avoid."

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