AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani is adamant coach Carlo Ancelotti will remain in charge next season.

"I have read this kind of speculation, but I am staying quiet," Galliani said.

"We are staying calm. I have read about Allegri but I have never spoken to him. There is so much alleged news that I don't have time to refute it all.

"I am just speaking to Ancelotti and I hope to keep dining out with him as I am this evening."

On the prospects of injury-plagued defender Alessandro Nesta playing on, Galliani added: "With are waiting for Alessandro and we will continue to wait.

"Milan don't intend to give up on him because he is a great champion. We still hope that he can return to the Rossoneri team.

"We wouldn't have achieved so much in the Champions League without him. He has been a crucial player for Milan and we hope he continues to be."