New Aberdeen signing Paul Marshall admits he was given the cold shoulder by his former Manchester City glamour teammates.

Marshall left City earlier this month to sign a six-month deal with Aberdeen and the 20-year-old midfielder leaves behind an experience most players could only dream of.

He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor and Robinho on a daily basis but insists he learned far more from homegrown talents as opposed to the superstars who've arrived on the back of Sheikh Mansour's £400million cash injection.

He said: "I still came on as a player there but most of the help I got was from the young local lads as opposed to the big-name superstars.

"In fairness, Stephen Ireland was good with me as was Sylvinho, although he was almost like a coach.

"As for Tevez, he didn't have much English - and neither did Robinho.

"Adebayor could speak perfect English obviously, but chose to keep himself to himself."