Aberdeen boss Jimmy Calderwood is happy with his current squad and is planning no more signings. He told the Evening Express: "There will be no more players coming in, because I am very happy with this squad.

"Javan Vidal looks to be the only player we will bring in, and I will not look for a replacement for Jeffrey de Visscher.

"Aberdeen are the form team in Scotland at the moment, and there is a good balance to the squad. We are playing well, and it is a case of not upsetting the apple cart."

Only an unexpected turn of events will alter Calderwood's policy.

"The only way we would bring in a player now is if something unforeseen happens," he added.

"In football, you just never know - so you have to have plans A, B, C and D to be prepared.

"But we have put in the work already this season by looking at various players to make sure we are ready if anything happens."