North Queensland Fury recruit Shane Stefanutto believes his move to the A-League could enhance his World Cup selection chances.

The 28-year old left-back left Norwegian club FC Lyn Oslo when the opportunity arose to join the Fury and he said it had worked out well so far.

''For me, my situation in Norway wasn't great,'' Stefanutto said.

''Pim (Verbeek) said if you can get out of your situation in Norway, come to a club in Australia because he can monitor me more in Australia.

''As long as my form is good and the club is doing well I believe I have the same chance as I had in Europe.

''I was never a shoo-in, even when I was playing in Europe, I have to work hard and play well and I need my club to do well at the same time.

''A lot of things will contribute to making the 30-man or 23-man squad for the World Cup.

''I'd love to be there, being part of the qualifiers was an unbelievable experience. My fingers are crossed and I hope everyone keeps their fingers crossed for me.''