A-League chief executive Lyall Gorman has indicated that the addition of a 12th club may be put on hold .

Sydney Rovers FC were set to expand the national competition to 12 teams for the 2011/2012 season but with financial difficulties surrounding the current consortium involved with the bid and the present environment of football in Australia, the franchise may have to wait a while.

"The review has been 10 weeks in the making following lengthy consultations with all the stakeholders, from broadcasting partners, to sponsors and the PFA (players' union)," Gorman told The Australian.

"There's no doubt that a second Sydney license will be discussed, but there's been no timeline set for expansion of the league nor has a firm deadline been set for bringing in that second team.

"There will be no false dawns with our proposed expansion of the A-League.

"We want to give the new club in western Sydney the best possible birth."