After their 5-0 victory at Genoa, Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho still managed to get into a verbal stoush with TV pundits.

He said: "I like to talk about the team rather than individuals. It was a joy for us and our fans, perhaps less of a joy for those who struggle to say nice things about me.

"We're eight weeks into the season and it seemed that we were at the top of our game, just as we were against Milan and Napoli.

"Just because you're paid to give your opinion on television does not mean you know more than me.

The Special One was a lot happier with the fans at Marassi, who continued to wave their flags and cheer even when losing so badly.

"The fans were spectacular. This is football for me. An embrace for our fans, who weren't many, and an embrace to their supporters, as it is not easy to lose 5-0 at home."