Arsenal fans want Adebayor banned

An Arsenal fans' representative wants the FA to hit Emmanuel Adebayor hard with a five-game ban for his actions in Manchester City's win on Saturday.

Adebayor sprinted the full length of the pitch to celebrate his goal in front of the Gunners supporters and also appeared to stamp on the face of former strike partner Robin van Persie.

FA chief executive Ian Whatmore has vowed to look at each incident closely and Terry Milner, secretary of Arsenal's north-west supporters' club, has called for a hefty punishment.

Milner, who was in the visiting end as Adebayor taunted the fans, said: "My feelings towards this is that it proves how little class he has about him. It was pre-planned, there was no way that was off the cuff.

"I understand that some fans have booed and jeered him and I saw things been thrown on the pitch, plastic chairs and stuff, which was wrong. But what the hell was he doing?

"He is earning, reportedly, £180,000 a week and he should be able to rise above booing and name calling.

"If you gave me £180,000 a week you could call me anything you wanted."

Reflecting on the possibility of an FA charge, he added: "I hope they don't put the two incidents together and effectively let him off with one.

"What he did to Van Persie was assault and that along probably deserves a five-match ban. Then there's the fans incident. I think Gary Neville was charged for something similar against Liverpool a few years back so there's that too."

Milner also warned of potential trouble down the line, if Adebayor comes to the Emirates with his new club.

"There was a similar situation when Ashley Cole left, he didn't come back the first opportunity he had," he said.

"If he does, I hope nothing happens but it would not surprise me if someone tried to get on the pitch. They'd be banned for life of course but they might think it was worth it."

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