Ancelotti: Premier League more difficult than Serie A

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is convinced the Premiership tougher to win than Serie A.

"This is my first season outside Italy so it is a bit different, but I want to do well with my team," said Ancelotti. "I am happy, not afraid. There's no tension or pressure.

"It is new but not the unknown. I'm not in the dark. I know my team very well. I appreciate the squad over the month I've had here, and the quality of this team.

"The ambition is to remain competitive until the end of the season in all the competitions - in the FA Cup, the Premiership and the Champions League.

"We want to arrive well in March and April in all the competitions. If we have strength and the right mental attitude, we can win at the end.

"In England the championship is more competitive because, in Italy, three or four teams can win. Here I think that more teams can win the league.

"To win a season in England is not easy for any team. It's not easy for Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United, and also for Arsenal.

"To win here is very difficult. It's a difficult start on Saturday. We'll have to overcome difficulties in every game.

"We have to work to improve because the situation on the pitch has to be natural. Now it's not natural because some things are new for the players.

"But, with work, it will become automatic. We have to put continuity into the games. That wasn't the case in the last game - some periods of the game were very good, others not. We need to put continuity on the pitch."