AC Milan star Ronaldinho plans to play until he's 40

AC Milan ace Ronaldinho has declared he wants to play into his 40's.

Only this season, there were claims he was ready to hang up his boots, but in recent weeks Ronaldinho has begun showing his best form again.

“In the future I see myself as a footballer. Anything else won't do. I want to be like Maldini and play until I am 40 and even older,” Ronaldinho said.

Asked if that meant he planned on finishing his career with Milan, Ronaldinho replied: “Why not?

“I am enjoying myself. I like this Milan. With the players that we have we can allow ourselves to play attacking football.

“And I like to dribble and to put a team-mate in a position from where he can score. I have never been a goalscorer. I prefer the assists. Seeing a team-mate score fills me with joy.”