AC Milan boss Leonardo turns on media over Ronaldinho partying reports

AC Milan coach Leonardo has lost his rag with the media over reports of Ronaldinho partying again.

Ronaldinho was claimed to have been partying for three days leading up to the derby defeat to Inter Milan.

"This week in my view you journalists showed a lack of respect for Ronaldinho,” said Leonardo.

“I think the team will emerge stronger because of it. When you publish a story, the pressure is on you to prove it. I saw no footage of this party, so I believe what my player tells me.

“I don’t need to be a detective in my spare time, I see him train every day and know what shape he’s in.

“We know if he’s been drinking, do tests every day and he tells me what he gets up to, so I believe him. I evaluate the whole week.

“The only mistake Ronaldinho made was missing that penalty against Inter. The club has spoken to the player and now knows what happened.”