AC Milan ace Ronaldinho: This whole campaign has been wonderful

Ronaldinho has declared he is delighted with his 2010 form for AC Milan.

The former World Player of the Year feels he is recapturing his best.

"I’m happy with my season and at the moment everything is going really well,” he told Sky Italia television. “I was rarely on the bench, I’ve been pretty consistent and that is what I expected. The whole campaign is wonderful.

“It’s not just down to me, but the whole team. In order to play well I need the full-back or Massimo Ambrosini to help me. It’s a team sport and they work hard to ensure I have the freedom to do my own thing.”

The Rossoneri are now only four points off Serie A leaders Inter, but face Roma on Saturday in a head-to-head for second place.

“Now we are even stronger mentally with that four-point gap and believe in the Scudetto. We must never lose our faith.

“The same goes for the Champions League, as I always think positive. It is very difficult to overturn a 3-2 defeat going into Old Trafford, but it’s not impossible to beat Manchester United there.

“This Milan can go far. I am happy, things are going well for me and that helps Milan to be stronger too.”