AC Milan ace Ronaldinho has pop at Mourinho: Worry more about Inter

AC Milan ace Ronaldinho says Jose Mourinho should worry more about Inter - and not things out of his control.

Ronaldinho says he likes Mourinho, but ....

“I like Mourinho, he is a great Coach,” said Ronaldinho. “However, I think everyone ought to mind their own business. Unlike him, I like Italy very much and am happy here.

“After the derby both Leonardo and I reacted because there were lies written about us. When things are real, I don’t react.”

Much has been written of Dinho’s alleged partying and lack of commitment to training.

“I am happy with what I’m doing and want to respond on the field to all the things that are said about me.

“I’ve been working hard to ensure Milan can do well. I won’t say if Leonardo reproached me or not recently, but I will just say that from the day I was presented at San Siro I thought this was my home and you don’t leave your home.”