A-League chief confident North Queensland Fury has a future

Head of the A-League, Lyall Gorman, is adamant that embattled club North Queensland Fury has a future in the competition.

Following two days of discussions between Football Federation Australia and Fury officials, Gorman came out and said that things were looking good for the Townsville-based club but was not about to put them under any pressure by supplying any timelines.

“We're not about deadlines. There's no point burning bridges in any way shape or form. The goal is to make sure we have a Fury into the future," Gorman said yesterday.

"Unless it's in the right hands financially and properly underpinned then it's futile for all of us.

"The end of the year is a critical time I think in terms of making a decision about the future, but we don't want to put unnecessary pressure on this community either, in terms of letting some of the opportunities on the table having a bit more time to advance."

Fury chief Rabieh Krayem was even more positive than Gorman, insisting that things were moving a lot better than he expected.

"I think we're so far ahead of where we should be," Krayem told the Townsville Bulletin.

"Is there more work to be done? Yes there is. Are we behind schedule? The answer is no.

"We know there are time lines, we know there are some decision-making processes but at the moment we've ticked every box as we've gone through. Now there's more boxes to be ticked but at least we know what they are and we'll tackle those as we go.

"But I'm very confident ... this community will support the Fury it needs it and there is support from local government, the state government and the corporate sector.

"We just have to bring that all together and make sure it all stacks up financially."